F170_F270_F370 User Guide - English

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In the attached file you can find the following topics related to the F123 series

1.- Service and Support

  • Service
  • Software Support
  • Safety Instructions

Hazard Types

Product Safety Signs

Product Safety Label Locations

Potential Safety Hazard Areas



Z Stage

  • Door Locks 
  • General Safety Practices
  • Environmental Requirements

2.- Printer Setup

  • General Information

Welcome Kit Contents

  • Basic Setup

Stabilizing the Printer

Identifying Your Printer

Making the Network Connection

Connecting the Power Cable

Configuring the Network

Network Address Configuration

Installing GrabCAD Print

Set up the GrabCAD Print server on a network

GrabCAD and GDPR

Connecting to the F123 Series Printer

Setting the Printer’s Date and Time

Updating the Controller Software Version

Adjusting the Tip Wipe Height

3.- System Components

  • Printer Overview

Access Doors and Panels

Top Cover

Oven Door

Material Bay Drawer

Storage Drawer

Right & Left Side Panels

Rear Pane

Y Blocks

Interface Panel

Touchscreen User Interface

Power Button

USB Ports

  • Oven Components

Oven Door


Oven Light


Tip Wipe Assemblies

Purge Chute

  • Material Bay Drawer Components

Material Bays

Material Drive Controller

Storage Drawer

  • Gantry

Print Heads

  • Modeling Materials

Materials Used

Material Spool Memory Chip

Tips, Slice Height, and Substrate

  • Software

Controller Software

GrabCAD Print Software

Insight Software

4.- User Interface

  • Overview

Navigation Menu

Display Area

  • Working with the Build Page

Loading a File

Viewing Print Job Information

Build Status Display



Print Job Controls

Print Button

Pause Button

Abort Button

  • Working with the Queue Page

Adding a Job to the Job Queue

GrabCAD Print Method

USB Method

Editing the Job Queue

Job Queue Control

Viewing Job Details

About the Sample Queue

  • Working with the Materials Page

Head Status Icons

Viewing Head Details

Head Maintenance

Material Status Icons

Viewing Material Details

Material Load Controls

Filament Pathway States

Material Load/Unload Cancellation

  • Working with the Tools Page

Tools Page Menu

Navigation Overview


Wait for Part

Keep Previous Job

Part Placement

First Layer Material


Standby Mode


Screen Brightness




Diagnostics Interface

Remote Access Permissions


Tip Calibration

Touchscreen Calibration




Update Software

System Odometers

Serial Number

Open Source Licenses

System Type

USB Tools






5.- Operating the Printer

  • Basic User Operations

Powering ON the Printer

Powering OFF the Printer

  • Loading Material

Material Spool Preparation

Material Spool Installation

  • Unloading Material

Removing Material Spools

Removing an Empty Material Spool

Removing a Partially Used Material Spool

Material Auto Changeover

Handling/Storing Materials

  • Head Replacement

Replacing a Head

Replacing a PLA Head

  • Basic Job Build Tasks

Before a Build

Preparing the Printer

Selecting a Job to Build

Information Available During a Build

Build Warnings

Pausing a Build

Aborting a Build

After a Build is Complete

Removing a Part from the Printer

  • Changing Printer Defaults

Job Storage

Part Build Location

Display Units

Oven Temperature Control

Touchscreen Display Brightness

Display Language

  • Printer Status

Head Odometer Status

Materials Status

Temperature Status

Oven Temperature

Head Temperature

Software Version

MTConnect System Activation

6.- Calibration and Adjustments

  • Tip Calibration

Automatic Tip Calibration

Manual Tip Calibration

  • Touchscreen Calibration
  • XY Gantry Calibration
  • Z Zero Calibration
  • Tip Wipe Height Adjustment

7.-  Maintenance

  • Updating Controller Software

USB Flash Drive Method

GrabCAD Print Method

Insight Software Method (F370 only)

  • Exporting System Configuration (.CFG) File

USB Flash Drive Method

GrabCAD Print Method

Insight Software Method (F370 Only)

  • Maintenance Schedule 
  • Weekly Maintenance

Cleaning the Oven Chamber

Cleaning the Platen

  • Monthly Maintenance

Clean/Inspect Tip Wipe Assemblies

  • As Needed Maintenance

Cleaning the Exterior Surface of the Printer

Cleaning the Touchscreen Display

Inspecting and Cleaning the Tip Shields

Cleaning the Oven Door Glass Surfaces

  • Customer Replaceable Units

Powering Off

Rear Panel

Right and Left Side Panels

Front Top Cover

Rear Top Cover

3.3/5/12 VDC ATX Power Supply

Oven Thermistor

Material Bays

Replacing a Head

Head Ribbon Cables

Touchscreen Display

Right and Left Side Oven Blowers

Door Gasket

Z Drive Belt

Y Bellows

Oven Light

Oven Door Camera

Oven Door Latch

Y Blocks

Top Cover Interlock Sensor and Actuator

8.- Troubleshooting

  • Getting Help
  • Warnings and Errors

Warnings at Build Start

Errors Preventing a Build from Starting

Load/Unload Errors

Build Pause Warnings

Build Abort Errors

Head Warnings

Head Errors

  • Finding a Remedy

9.- Supplementary Info

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Regulatory and Environmental Information

EMC Class A Warning

FCC Statements (U.S.A.)

Canada Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Normes de Sécurité (Canada)

DOC Statement (Canada)

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Disposal of Waste Equipment by Users in Private Households in the European Union.. 23

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