User Guide uPrint and uPrint Plus - English

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Download the PDF guide at the end of this article, in it you could find the following:

Table of Contents

1.- Introduction

How to use this guide 

Learn More

Safety precautions

2.- Overview

Finding more information 

3.- Setup

Installing software

Networking the printer

Establishing network communication with the printer

Installing Firmware on printer

Adding the second Material Bay 

4.- Operation 

Display panel and keypad

System firmware overview 

CatalystEX overview 

Processing your STL file for printing 

Building a part

The display panel during build

Chamber Lights

Pausing a build

Resuming after pause

Canceling a build

Removing a completed part 

Removing support material 

Emptying the purge bucket 

Replacing material for single material bay

Replacing material for dual material bays 

Material bay LEDs 

Replacing material spools

Storing material spools

Auto power down 

Powering off 

Resuming operations from Standby mode

Updating printer firmware

5.- Maintenance 

Startup kit tools 

Preventive Maintenance 


500 Hour maintenance

Tip wipe assembly

Tip shield replacement 

Remove debris from the Filament Present switch 

2000 Hour maintenance

Tip replacement and calibration

Chamber light bar replacement

6.- Troubleshooting 


Fault determination codes

Exporting printer configuration (.cfg) file 

Cycling power 

Diagnosing loss of extrusion 

Clogged tip 

Material Jam

Recovering from loss of extrusion

7.- Support


Customer Support

8.- Recycling 

Removing the EEproms from the material guides

Removing the desiccant from the material spool 

9.- Printer Specifications 

Physical specifications

Facility specifications 

Workstation specifications

Power specifications 

Environmental specifications 

Acoustic specifications 

10.- Supplemental Information

Stratasys Limited Warranty Statement 

Declaration of Conformity 

Regulatory and environmental information

11.- Appendix

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Use and Installation


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