Objet30 V3-V5 User Guide - English

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Download the PDF guide at the end of this article, in it you could find the following:

1 About This Guide

  • Using This Guide 
  • For More Information 
  • Revision History 
  • Terms Used in This Guide
  • Additional Resources 

Stratasys Academy 

Stratasys Support Center 

GrabCAD Community 

2.- Safety

  • Safety Features 
  • Symbols and Warning Labels 
  • Safety Guidelines 

Printer Installation 

Printer Power Disconnection 

Printer Operation 

UV Radiation

Printer Maintenance

Model and Support Materials 

UV Lamps 

  • First Aid for Working with Printing Materials

Contact with Skin 

Contact with Eyes 



  • Waste Disposal 

3.- Introducing the 3D Printer

  • Basic Features 
  • Electrical Specifications

Printer power rating 

  • Work Configurations 
  • Source Files

STL Files 

SLC Files 

  • Printing Materials 


Shelf Life

Exposure to Light

Safety Considerations


  • Work Environment
  • Workstation Requirements
  • Preparing Files for Use with PolyJet 3D Printing Systems

Converting CAD Files to STL Format

Converting CAD Files to SLC Format

  • Software Applications for Preparing Print Jobs

4.- Installing Objet Studio
  • How to Install Objet Studio

5.- Using Objet Studio

  • Launching Objet Studio 

Objet Studio Interface 

Ribbon Commands 

Objet Studio Commands Menu

Model Tree Pane 

  • Preparing Models for Production 

OBJDF Files: Overview 

Model Files 

Placing Objects on the Build Tray 

Opening Objet Tray Files 

Quick-Access Model Commands 

Selecting Objects 

Copying and Pasting Objects 

Surface Finish 

  • Positioning Objects on the Build Tray 

Automatic Orientation 

Automatic Positioning 

Manual Positioning 

  • Manipulating Objects on the Tray 

Positioning Objects on the Z-Axis 

Valid Object Placement 

Using a Grid to Position Objects 

Measurement Units 

Setting Model Dimensions 

Manually Repositioning Objects 

Changing an Object’s Orientation 

Freezing Model Orientation 

  • Display Options 

Viewing Objects 

Screen Layout 

Tray Perspective 

Setting Object Colors 

Loading Large Files 

Large File Manipulation 

Zoom Options 

  • Handling Trays 

Tray Validation 

Printing Modes 

Production Estimates 

E-mailing Objet Digital Files 

Printing the Tray 

  • Applying Additional Objet Studio Features 

Dividing Objects 

Choosing the Support Strength 

“Hollow”— Filling Models with Support Material 

Displaying the Cross Section of Objects 

Saving the Screen Display as an Image File 

Saving Build Trays 

  • Customizing Objet Studio 

Creating a Quick Access Toolbar 

Hiding the Ribbon 

Display Colors 

Keyboard Shortcuts 

Setting User Preferences 

  • Professional Mode Features 

Default Settings 

OpenGL Driver Configuration 

  • Getting Additional Objet Studio Assistance 
  • Objet Studio Version, Material Module and Licensed Features 
  • Monitoring and Managing Print Jobs 

Job Manager Screen 

Setting the Printer Connection 

Offline Mode 

Setting the Remote Printer Connection (Client Mode) 

Job Manager Commands 

Configuring User Alerts 

Printing from the Jobs Queue 

Additional Server Features

 6.- Operating and Maintaining the Printer

  • Starting the Printer 
  • Loading Model and Support Cartridges 
  • Producing Models 

Printing Modes 

Preparing the Printer 

Starting Printing 

Printer Interface Color Key 

Printing Indicators 

  • Resuming Production After Printing has Stopped
  • Changing the Printing Material 
  • Keeping the Printer in Idle Mode 
  • Shutting Down the Printer 

Material Flush/Fill Wizard 

  • Maintaining the Printer 

Routine Maintenance Schedule 

Maintenance Counters 

UV Lamp Check 

Cleaning the Print Heads and the Roller 

Cleaning and Replacing the Wiper 

Pattern Test 

Improving Print Quality 

Cleaning and Replacing the Roller Waste Collector 

Aligning the Print Heads 

Optimizing (Calibrating) Print Heads

Replacing Print Heads 

Testing and Calibrating the UV Lamp 

Calibrating the Load Cells 

Replacing the Odor Filter 

Replacing the UV Lamp 

Replacing the Material Filter 

Replacing the Pump Tubes 

Built-in Tests 

Replacing the Waste Container 

Cleaning the Exterior Panels 

Cleaning the UV Screen 

Backing-Up and Restoring Printer Settings 

ReInitiate Wizard 

Preventive Maintenance Tasks 

7.- Handling Printed Models

  • Removing Models After Printing 
  • Removing the Support Material 

Removing Support by Hand 

Removing Support with Water Pressure 

Removing SUP705 with Caustic Soda 

Removing SUP706 with Caustic Soda and Sodium Metasilicate 

  • Post-Printing Treatment 

Photobleaching for Transparent Models 

  • Storing Models

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