1.Browse to ‘C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet’

2.Delete all files that start with 'SW_D'.

3.Open the SOLIDWORKS application and try and reproduce the error.

If you see the error again, continue with the next steps:

4.Open a Windows® command prompt as administrator.

5.Run the command:

[SOLIDWORKS installation location\SOLIDWORKS\setup\i386\swactwiz.exe /ts:view

6.The command returns the ‘Fulfillment ID’. For example:

•SWX-26 for SOLIDWORKS 2018

•SWX-25 for SOLIDWORKS 2017

7.To delete the Fulfillment ID, run the command:

[SOLIDWORKS installation location]\SOLIDWORKS\setup\i386>swactwiz.exe /ts:delete /fulfillmentid:SWX-26