To fix this problem, you need to reset your registry.


If you have a custom user interface save it using "Copy Setting Wizard".


Steps to fix your issue:


  • Go to Windows explorer and in the "search programs" type regedit and launch the interface "regedit.exe".

Step 2:

  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Solidworks

Step 3:

  • Select Solidworks and press F2 to rename, rename it to "Solidworks_old"

Step 4:

  • Go launch SOLIDWORKS from your shortcut, this will now create a new entry in your registry and should resolve your issue. However, if it does not fix the issue, you can always delete the new Solidworks registry entry and rename the old one to just "Solidworks" which will go back to where you were originally.

Step 5:

  • If step 4 fixes the issue, you are now ready to upload your user settings back.