When saving a drawing as a DXF/DWG, in some cases views may be missing from the resultant saved file and the message “The assembly contains at least one component that contains invalid geometry” may also be displayed, when the file is being saved.

Required display setting for creating a DWG/DXF file

SolidWorks uses draft quality at the component level to increase performance. Views in the drawing can also be set to draft quality. In order for drawing to be saved as a DWG/DXF file, the views must be converted to high quality. If the component contains invalid geometry, the views cannot be converted to high quality. When dragging  the mouse cursor over a view, a symbol of view with a lightning bolt through it will be seen.


Hidden Lines Removed

Finding the component with invalid geometry

Determining the component that contains the invalid geometry can take some time. The process involves setting the display to “hidden lines removed” from ViewDisplay.

Also from  ViewDisplay select the option Draft quality HLR/HLV. If the display disappears, then the component contains invalid geometry.

Draft quality

Draft quality

Alternative Check Entity method

Another way to find invalid geometry is using ToolsCheck (check the options “stringent solid/surface check”, “invalid faces” and “invalid edges”).

Check Entity Dialog

Check Entity Dialog

If the drawing is of an assembly, each component may have to be checked for invalid geometry. Invalid geometry can be a result errors in imported geometry, rebuild errors, and may also indicate a corruption in the file.